Cloves are an essential Ayurvedic spice that have been used for centuries to boost the immune system. Our grandmothers have boiled and steeped kadha concoctions of clove with other spices that have soothed our souls and healed us beyond the physical. The Clove Hoops feature nine cloves arranged in a form that reminds us of a Chakra — depicted in Hindu mythology as a disc with serrated edges that helps protect against harm and restore balance, or in other words provide immunity. In that sense, this circular arrangement is an ode to the properties of this spice.

  • 24K gold plate
  • Base metal is brass
  • Total Diameter is ~1.25 in
  • Single piece weighs ~0.22 oz / 6.5 gm
  • Ear Posts are in sterling silver

The Clove Hoops are currently out of stock. We have a limited stock coming back on 11/12 if you'd like to get ahead and reserve!