At Saeyri, our jewelry is made using high quality brass as the base metal. The findings like ear posts, ear wires and ear threader chains are in 92.5% Sterling Silver. Any other details specific to a design are mentioned in the respective 'Product Description' page. All pieces are 24K gold plated, followed by a coating of a protective layer.

    Why Brass?

    Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. It is highly malleable, allowing beautiful forms to be created using hand forging techniques. The other great part? Brass is sustainable. Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled.

    What do we do to ensure quality?

    We source our materials from local suppliers and vendors. We test our raw material and findings to ensure that they are ‘California Prop 65 law’ compliant for lead, cadmium and nickel content. In addition, we finally test randomly chosen samples from our finished products, to ensure highest quality.

    The gold plating is meant to last; however the gold plated layer may wear-off over time depending on factors like frequency of usage; exposure to moisture, harsh chemicals; ph levels of skin of the wearer etc. Tarnishing of the plating or wearing off is not a production fault, it is a part of the wear and tear that comes naturally when the pieces are loved and worn. 

    How can you take care of your Saeyri?

    Give it love and care. To increase the longevity of your plating, here are some care tips –

    Protect your jewelry, especially if enameled, from extreme temperatures. 

    Store it in its own separate, sealed bag or box in a cool, dry and dark place. For instance, storing jewelry in the bathroom is not a great idea. The gold plating on your jewelry doesn't like moisture. Remove it before swimming, showering, exercising and sleeping. Sweat, moisture, soaps and friction will cause the plating to rub away more quickly.

    Avoid any direct contact of the jewelry with lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, cleaning products or any other harsh chemicals.

    Give it a gentle wipe with a dry, soft tissue every time you wear your jewelry; before storing it away.