Content / Social Media Designer

[sa-ey-ri] [noun] Saeyri means poetry. Our modern jewelry is designed for those with an eclectic taste; crafted with classic tools by artisans rooted in local traditions. 

We launched Saeyri in 2020 and our primary market is the United States. We are proud to have an adventurous, uninhibited, bold customer base who are up to big things – across law, technology, medicine, government, business, art and design. We love being a medium of artistic expression for these powerful women and the wonderful artisans who make their Saeyri.

Although this is a freelance role, you'll be a core part of our small team, owning our brand voice and narrative, getting first hand exposure to the inner workings of our small business, while playing a critical role in scaling it.

You will be responsible for...

  1. Understanding and evolving the voice of Saeyri and working closely with the founders on short-form storytelling.

  2. Researching material, both visual and written, for the story and narrative for our newest collection and brand, with a focus on designing the creatives.
  3. Planning the social media content and calendar and maintaining a posting schedule.

  4. Content creation and curation for Saeyri; creating platform specific content that brings to life the visual narrative with your design skills.
  5. Being thoughtful and employing fun and innovative ways to drive engagement with the content.

You are someone who...

  1. Has sound design sensibilities and an acute attention to detail.

  2. Is passionate about the fashion + lifestyle space and wants to bring the modern Indian design aesthetic to the world.

  3. Stays on top of trends and follows the journey of top fashion influencers and brands in the US.

  4. Has a sound knowledge of visual design principles, encompassing brand design, graphic design, information design, layout, typography and color.

  5. Has strong verbal and written communication skills which give you an edge while articulating and presenting creative ideas and concepts.
  6. Is based anywhere in the world – although we would love if you are in or around our artisans in Jaipur, India.
  7. May be a student, or a self-taught designer or even established in the field; regardless you are a hustler.


  1. You have a classy meme game.

  2. Love to make art and to illustrate.


Let's get to know you

  1. What are your 3 - 5 main design interests – fashion, video, writing, photography, graphics, color, typography, branding, storytelling?
  2. Pick three images from Saeyri's instagram page that you personally think best represent our brand?
  3. Pick three images from the internet that best describe your brand vision for Saeyri.
  4. What are you looking to gain from this experience?
  5. Please share links of your work and social media handles. Which platforms are you most familiar with? Which do you use the most and which one the least?
Email us these answers in a way that best expresses you at

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