About Us

[sa-ey-ri] [noun] Saeyri is a namesake for the Urdu word shayari, which means poetry. Our modern jewelry is designed for those with an eclectic taste; crafted with classic tools by artisans rooted in local traditions.

Each Saeyri is a medium of artistic expression, for both the maker and the wearer; designed with love by Rujuta and Manasvi. We want to create designs that transcend time – to be well loved, to be shared. Our designs are made in small batches, with intention and attention to detail.


  • About Manasvi

    Manasvi is a self-taught jewelry designer and maker. An MBA in Human Resources, Manasvi started her career partnering with businesses to create workplace environments where people thrive. She loved working with people, but she did not enjoy corporate setups. It was while visiting Kutch and immersing herself in it's rich craft traditions that she decided she wanted to create art, work with textures, colors and forms; things that she had a deep appreciation for.  Quitting her day job, she traveled and lived in cities like Shanghai, Sydney and Munich. Soaking in the varied cultures inspired Manasvi to experiment and learn from different art forms. She started making Jewelry in 2017, incorporating all the skills she had picked up along the way. She loves to create jewelry that is unique and impactful, seeking inspiration in simple objects and layering in some fun!

  • About Rujuta

    Growing up in a family with liberal values, Rujuta chased her dream to study design at the prestigious National Institute of Design – a school that was set up on the recommendation of Charles and Ray Eames in India, to aid small industries such as handicrafts. Rujuta has worked with grassroot artisans in Bidar to global brands like IKEA, applying her innate sense of design to not just products, but also to impact people’s livelihoods, their culture and society; making a difference in the lives of both the craftspeople and the consumers.  After more than a decade of self-discovery– she believes design has to be ‘Hand-on, Minds-on’. She is inspired by everyday things around her – from the abundance in nature, to the simplicity in craft traditions – creating accessories that are minimal, yet bold. No design detail can escape her keen eye and passionate demeanor.

Handmade by Artisans

Our jewelry is handmade by Artisans in India, who bring an uncanny understanding of materials and mastery over the craft; breathing life into each Saeyri and making it their own expression. There is an ingenuity about each fold, turn, texture and joint – it’s hard to tell the difference between aesthetics and wearability, art and science. A profound reminder, amidst the quest for survival, that it’s critical we nurture this creative spirit that has traveled through the ebbs and flows of history. At Saeyri, we want to be a platform for these artisans around the world.