These earrings are inspired from a Supdi or a Muram, which is a woven tray made out of bamboo leaves, traditionally used to clean spices. The weave, entwined patiently by our artisans in India, takes us back to a time when life was much simpler. And time moved slower than it moves today.

  • 24K gold plate
  • Base metal is brass
  • Total Length is ~1.75 in, Width is ~1 in
  • Single piece weighs ~0.2 oz / 5.6 gm
  • Ear Posts are in sterling silver

Since our jewelry is made by hand, no two pieces will be exactly the same. There might be slight variations in the picture and the actual product - that's what makes each piece truly unique, personalized and beautiful!

Learn more about the materials used and how to take care of your jewelry here.