Lindsay Robinson, Lindsay Robinson Studio

Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay is the founder of Lindsay Robinson Studio, which is a small batch women's wear brand focused on slow fashion, natural fiber clothing and locally dyed dresses.

We interviewed her because we love her energy and how she is always up for learning new skills. She is mom to lovely Lucia and Pia. You can follow her work @lindsayrobinson_ca.

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Anika Gandhi, Anika's DIY Life

Anika Gandhi

Anika is the creative force behind Anika’s DIY Life - a website, youtube and social media channel focussed on beginner DIYers and woodworkers to inspire and empower them. We interviewed her because we love how she has combined her hobby and passion to help break gender and cultural barriers and stereotypes and inspired others to do so too She is mom to 11-year old Mishka ad 7-year old Vihaan. You can follow her work @anikasdiylife.

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Kankana Saxena, Playful Cooking

Kankana Saxena

Kankana is a food blogger and author of the cookbook ‘Taste of Eastern India’. She is also a food and lifestyle photographer and a social influencer. We interviewed her because we love her food and lifestyle photography. She is mom to 7-year old Avyan. You can follow her work @playfulcooking

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