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Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay is the founder of Lindsay Robinson Studio, which is a small batch women's wear brand focused on slow fashion, natural fiber clothing and locally dyed dresses.

We interviewed her because we love her energy and how she is always up for learning new skills. She is mom to lovely Lucia and Pia. You can follow her work @lindsayrobinson_ca.

S: Who is Lindsay?

L: I am a busybody, Jill of all trades, who is always hungry for more creative endeavors. I love textiles, adventure, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends. 

I manage Lindsay Robinson Studio and also work as a part-time chef and love being able to cater healthy food to my clients. What I love the most about my business is the opportunity to connect with more folks in the creative community. 

S: Tell us what a day in your life looks like.

L: After dropping off my kids to school, I spend some time in my garden - drinking coffee, watering the plants and taking out the weeds. I get most of my cooking and work related stuff done while the kids are at school. These include things like replying to emails, shipping, taking pictures, creating content. I aim to accomplish at least 2 - 3 work related things everyday.

After picking up the kids from school I hang out with them, take them to the park or their classes and run errands.

Evening rituals include dinner, cleaning up, spending some down time with the family and my glass of tequila.

S: How do you replenish your energy?

L: Gardening – growing plants and flowers and taking care of them. I also love going to the beach and spending time in nature.

S: I wish I had my child’s...

L: Playfulness.

S: My work is my...

L: Creative outlet and community builder

S: What’s your advice to mothers embarking on new ventures?

L: Always start small and light. Build from there. Try not to mass produce, only put things out there that YOU really love and would use yourself. And build a community. 

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