Manasvi is a self-taught jewelry designer and maker. An MBA in Human Resources, Manasvi started her career partnering with businesses to create workplace environments where people thrive. She loved working with people, but she did not enjoy corporate setups.

It was while visiting Kutch and immersing herself in it's rich craft traditions that she decided she wanted to create art, work with textures, colors and forms; things that she had a deep appreciation for.  Quitting her day job, she traveled and lived in cities like Shanghai, Sydney and Munich. Soaking in the varied cultures inspired Manasvi to experiment and learn from different art forms  – the vibrant hues of Madhubani and Shibori, to the flow and precision of Calligraphy and Filigree.

She started making Jewelry in 2017, incorporating all the skills she had picked up along the way. She loves to create jewelry that is unique and impactful, seeking inspiration in simple objects and layering in some fun!

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